Jam Clips from Festivals

This page is will provide you with live recordings. These clips are rough, lively, and fun. You'll hear talking, an occasional bump into the microphone, and lots of laughing. There'll be mis-played notes and other goofs. These are non-rehearsed jam sessions. 

O.D.P.C. Funfest, Evart, MI - 2003

Several audio clips were gathered July 19, 2003, at the O.D.P.C. Funfest in the Dairy Area. It was the last night of the festival and the music really got going. There were about twenty hammered dulcimers, a fiddle or two, a penny whistle, piano, guitars, autoharps, and others playing in this "jam." Linda Foley (Lost Valley Dulcimers) was the "unofficial" jam master.

"The Gale" by Susan Conger
This New England dance tune was "shared" at the 2002 Funfest. It is now one of the Michigan dulcimer community's favorites. Some folks play it slower, but this "lickety-split" tempo is lots of fun.

Note: We thank Susan Conger for giving us permission to post her tune. You can purchase the excellent tunebook, "Along the River" which contains "The Gale," by going to: www.alongtheriver.com

"Up the Buckhorn Way"
"Up the Buckhorn Way" is a great tune that really caught on in 2003. The start of the "B" part makes it unique.

"Golden Slippers"
At midnight, everyone on the grounds is invited to join in a massive all-inclusive jam. This was the 12:00 (midnight) version at this jam.

"Ten Strike"
This tune was a "gift" from Les Raber. It was from an old music manuscript known as "Gems of the Ballroom."

"Opera Reel"
Great Jam Tune

Dulcimers and vocals on this calypso one. After hearing the recording, Jim Rathbun said, "OMGOD! That's ME singing! I thought Joe Cocker was the only one who had a voice that sounded like someone had taken a bat to his throat. I grovel for forgiveness!!!. . . Ok, maybe not, but I'll be sure to know the words to the darn song next time!"

"Jimmy's Jig"
Great jig.

"Moon and Seven Stars"
Another jig!

"Nixon's Farewell"

Evart 2001

This music was recorded at Evart in the Workshop Leader Rest Area (believe it was July 18 or 19, 2001) at an "almost" typical Evart jam session.

I recall Paul Goelz, Bob Hubbach, Bill Robinson, Judi Morningstar, Brad Battey, Jim McKinney, Glen Morningstar, Dotty Decker, Pat Tait, Chuck Boody but I know I'm missing a bunch. (Let me know, if you were there, and I'll gladly add you to this list.) It was a special evening. Thanks for the memories.

For those of you who don't understand what is meant by a "jam session," this was just a bunch of musicians playing together. No, they hadn't practiced; no they didn't all know the tune (sometimes you can hear someone calling out chords to help them 'get it'.) It was recorded outdoors (in front of our trailer.) At Evart, the jams often reach a level of intensity that is hard to describe. Hope you can tell from the recordings.

"Whisling Rufus"
Tune was written by Kerry Mills (who wrote "Red Wing")

"Mouth of the Tobique"
That's Paul Goelz suggesting "One more Time!"

"Louie's Back in Town"
Tune was written by Bill Robinson and features Bill Robinson on hammered dulcimer.

"Hommage a Edmond Parizeau"
Composed by Marcel Messervier and played on fiddle by Jim McKinney.

"Black and White Rag"
Lead by Bill Robinson. (This tune is on his CD entitled, "Strollin' by the Fox.)"

"Music for a Found Harmonium"
Paul Goelz got this one going.

"Hangman's Reel"
Cindy Simmons can play this one better'n anyone

"Ladies of the Lake"
Two versions of 'Lady of the Lake,' hence the revised title.


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