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Flint Banjo Club


In April 1967, six Flint banjo nuts founded the Flint Banjo Club (hereinafter referred to as the FBC), no doubt as a result of cabin fever resulting from the preceding relentless winter.  Today, the membership has swelled to 50 banjo nuts (with several females or "nutettes".)  C. O. Johnson, one of the original six founders, is still strumming away with the ensemble.

The FBC has collected a number of awards and is considered one of the best banjo clubs in the country (just marginal in the city).  Members have diverse professional backgrounds and most are retired (there's a joke in there somewhere).

The FBC has performed throughout the state and across the country, performing in concert in prestigious halls including the Whiting Auditorium, as well as hospitals, schools, and senior homes.  The club has raised well over $50,000 for community projects and in particular, scholarships administered by Mott Community College.

Since 1974, the annual "Banjorama" has been the club's primary fundraiser and has featured a variety of banjo and non-banjo entertainment. The evening of entertainment is generally scheduled in September. Food and Refreshments are available. Watch for the 2014 tickets and be sure to buy them early, because this is generally a "sold-out" evening.

Somewhat like an epidemic, the FBC has spawned 16 smaller banjo/entertainment groups in and around Michigan.  Like the FBC, these groups often reinforce their performances with the addition of bass, piano, tuba, trumpet, double-belled euphonium, tipple, and trombone.





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